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6 Places Worth Checking Out in Porto, Portugal (By Neighborhood)

Porto is often called "The New York of Portugal" as a native New Yorker, this is kind of true. Do not go to Porto expecting flashing lights, and a sleepless city. Porto doesn't boast the same sky scrappers. The cobbled streets are lined with a mix of mid-rises and tiled buildings. The fast pace and homey feel, not so unlike New York makes you want to stay.


Brunch is one of the few reasons I leave my home.

Especially In the winter when I hibernate. So the fact that the Lazy Breakfast Club delivers on UberEATS! puts them at the top of the list.

The coffee is strong, but the vibes are stronger. Every Friday you could find me coveting an Americano, but don't sleep on their cold brew.


Dinner: MISTU

Mistu lives a few blocks from the water, on a very suspect street. But, the best places are worth the slightly questionable journey.

Mistu gets crowed. It's worth it but be prepared. And, don't skip the cocktails, they're known for them!

Snack: Castro

In the great battle of Pastel de Nata, I am team Castro. They hands you your Portuguese treat warm. The center a creamy custard wrapped in an extra flakey pastry

IMO, Castro is the best Pastel de Nata in Porto.


Coffee Shop: Combi Coffee

Combi felt like the local café everyone knows about, but no one tells anyone about for fear that it will start to get too crowded.

I think Combi knows it too, because it feels almost impossible to find the door to the café. There are people inside so you know it exist but the door. Invisible. I almost gave up when people started to laugh. But defeat...I don't know her.

I spent 2 months in Porto. Exploring each neighborhood cobbled street by cobbled street. If you would like to follow along on more of my Portugal adventures follow me on IG and TikTok


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