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Where To Buy Furniture In Lisbon, Portugal

Where do people in Lisbon find furniture? Which Portuguese stores are only online? Do stores in the US ship to Portugal?

Below is a list of Portuguese and US based furniture & home goods stores. Although, the best part about living in a new city is exploring. So, don't be afraid to let Lisbon introduce itself to you.

US stores that ship to Portugal

Overstock, West Elm and Urban Outfitters include VAT a.k.a taxes. Unless you enjoy surprise bills, when importing anything make sure the price includes includes VAT.

Portugal Based Stores: Online & Lisbon

Portugal Based Stores: Online only

Bonus Stores

Being able to see the options online has helped make this move feel more real. It has also helped me budget my minimum furniture cost.

If you want to find out more about my apartment hunt then follow me on IG and TikTok.

Happy shopping!


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