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The Bucket List 

“When we dream, we’re giving others permission to do the same.  We must dream and dream boldly and unapologetically.” ― Luvvie Ajayi Jones

  • Learn to surf in Nazaré, Portugal 

  • Try a fantasy pastry in Paris, France 

  • Take a river cruise of Christmas markets 

  • Parasail in Mexico 

  • Move to Portugal

  • Visit the castles of Sintra 

  • Read 100 books in 2023

  • Take a wine tour of the Douro Valley 

  • Sail the Tagus river

  • Go to 5 speakeasies in 2023 

  • Move to Mexico

  • Learn how to make Pastel de Nata 

  • Attend a supper club dinner 

  • Try indoor rock climbing 

  • Take a pottery wheel class

  • Drink Champagne in Champagne 

  • Drink Bordeaux in Bordeaux

  • See the Northern Lights 

  • Spend the night in a ice hotel 

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